Upcoming Changes at Our Lady of Charity

  • Father Lyons will celebrate his last Mass as our Pastor on Monday, June 17th. He will stay to help with the transition and daily Masses until the end of June.
  • Father Goerner will begin his tenure as the Administrator of Our Lady of Charity on June 18th. Please click on the link below to read an introduction letter from Father Goerner.

A Letter from Father Goerner

At this time, our Mass Schedule will remain the same.

Below is a Mass Schedule through the end of June 2024.


Sunday, June 16th (9am) – Father Lyons

Monday, June 17th (8am) – Father Lyons

Tuesday, June 18th (8am) – Father Lyons

Wednesday, June 19th – NO MASS

Thursday, June 20th (8am) – Father Lyons

Friday, June 21st (8am) – Father Lyons

Saturday June 22nd
(Confession and 4pm Mass) – Father Lyons

Sunday, June 23rd (9am) – Father Goerner

Monday, June 24th (8am) – Father Lyons

Tuesday, June 25th (8am) – Father Lyons

Wednesday, June 26th  – NO MASS

Thursday, June 27th (8am) – Father Lyons

Friday, June 28st (8am) – Father Lyons

Saturday June 29nd
(Confession and 4pm Mass) – Father Lyons

Sunday, June 30th (9am) – Father Goerner